Adopting a kitten can be a fun thing for your family.
Behaviour Training for Dogs It would benefit both your pet dog and yourself to put him through a formal training to behave in a well-mannered way.
There is something special about watching birds converge on your bird feeder or occupy a bird house you placed in the yard.
Bird watching is one of the fastest growing interests in the world.
Cancer, the Big “C” is one of the worst words a pet owner can hear.
Being human makes us special in so many ways that we forget about how animals actually feel on a humane level.
Owning a cat and treating it as a pet requires more than including your furry friend on your monthly budget.
When it comes to what cats could get into, it’s impossible to make a complete list.
Different Cat Sounds Explained Our cats make a variety of sounds, even a simple ‘meow’ can have more than one meaning.
From the mild, to the life threatening, just like their canine counterparts, cats can be susceptible to diseases, viruses, infections, and other conditions.