Behaviour Training For Dogs


Behaviour Training for Dogs

It would benefit both your pet dog and yourself to put him through a formal training to behave in a well-mannered way.  An ill-behaved dog makes life stressful when you have visitors in the house.  It is easier to teach your dog early in its life about what is expected of him.

Advantages of Behaviour Training for Dogs:

  • He is well behaved and well mannered to be allowed the freedom to move freely in the house
  • He is comfortable to let you inspect him for injuries if he has hurt himself, without growling or nipping at you
  • He does not need supervision anymore and he has been trained to entertain himself
  • He follows instructions you give him.  Remember to praise him for his understanding
  • He is able to walk with you down the street comfortably with a leash on, without you having to be pulled along
  • He understands simple commands and knows his physical boundaries.

If your dog is able to follow all commands and behave appropriately then you can congratulate yourself on having given him a splendid training.  You will feel more comfortable entertaining your friends and relatives at your house without having to face any embarrassment.

Though there will be some problems at the beginning in understanding your pet and making him understand what is expected of him, in the end you will be the one to benefit from the training given to your dog.  You need to understand that it might be a frustrating and long-winded experience at first.  A little patience and understanding on your part will yield the best results for both you and your dog behaviour. Remember, your dog will also end up feeling happier knowing he is at his best behaviour and is pleasing his owner instead of feeling confused about your expectations. Behaviour training classes for dogs are available at many locations.  You can search for them online.  Contact information is available on the internet along with the name of the person who conducts such classes, the timings and the location.  The best way to bond with your pet is to undergo training on how to train your dog at these classes. It is under your leadership and guidance that your pet will not only learn to discipline himself and behave in a manner suitable for you and your household.  Indeed dog behaviour training will be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog.

Dog Training Tips

Pets are trained for the purpose of making them live in harmony with their human counterparts.  Training is given for the specific purpose of making them adjust to the human conditions existing in the homes of their owners so that both the owner and the pet live in peaceful co-existence.  Modifying typical animal behaviour to suit human needs is what training is all about and dog training specifically aims at making the dog feel comfortable to a life of being looked after by his owner. Here are a few basic tips on training your dog. 

These are easy to follow 7 top steps and will be fun for both you and for your dog:

1.    Never be too sure of how you are going about training your dog. 

If and when in doubt,  seek help.  Most people do not take the dog’s personality into consideration.  A lot of reference material and guides are available to assist you in understanding and training your dog.  Feel free to approach a professional dog trainer to get guidance and dog training tips.

2.    Rewards work for obedience training of dogs. 

Punishment or negative reinforcement is the not an effective way to get the dog to obey your commands.  On the contrary it will end up making the dog more aggressive and fearful of you and other humans.

3.    Make dog training a fun experience. 

For best results and to gain your pet’s confidence and trust make the whole experience of training a process that is both enjoyable and fun.  Dogs love to please their owners and are willing learners.  Make sure you enjoy yourself playing with him.  This will help in bonding between the two of you.

4.    Treat your dog with small tasty treats as rewards. 

Every time your dog performs a task you give him,  gift him with a small treat.  Treats should only be given during the training period and after every task performed correctly.

5.    Do a thorough research on the products available for dog training before buying them. 

Buy only the products that would specifically help in making the general obedience training easier.

6.    Your dog is not pre-trained and training him is not an easy task. 

It takes time for a dog to understand and remember commands.  You will need to exercise patience.

7.    Do not give up!

If your dog takes time to understand,  try a different technique to teach and train him.