You may notice that your cat is behaving differently but don’t know why.
It is not unusual for dogs to have eye problems; in fact, they’re quite common.
How to treat flea bites on a dog Nobody has to tell you how much of a nuisance fleas can be – if you’ve owned a dog for any length of time, you probably know first-hand how those little bloodsuckers can cause so much trouble for your four-legged friend.
I don’t know of any dog owner who doesn’t hate dealing with ticks.
Litter Box Training Most cats you get from a shelter or pet store are already litter box trained, but kittens need to learn to use the box and adult cats can often regress from using the box for one reason or another.
## Looking after a Newly Rescued Kitten When your new rescued kitten is home, the kitten as well as all your family has to get accustomed to each other.
Cats love to play. They particularly enjoy hunting, chasing and pouncing.
Do not waste time! More times your dog would go to the toilet inside your home the harder it will likely be to kick him of this habit.
Tips To Stop Your Dog’s Excessive Barking Canines bark for many reasons, and you are unable to stop dog barking entirely; on the other hand why would you want to stop dogs from barking when it could be desirable every so often, for example when unannounced strangers come on your property.
Which cat breed should I get? You may want to consider one of the cats below, as we look at 5 popular domestic cat breeds and some of the characteristics and health problems associated with them.